2203, 2023

Burning Scalp Syndrome: Symptoms & Treatment

Burning Scalp Syndrome is a condition characterized by a persistent burning sensation on the scalp. It can be accompanied by itching, tingling, or numbness. The condition can affect people of all ages, but it is most commonly seen in women. Burning Scalp Syndrome is not a life-threatening condition, but it can significantly affect the quality of life of those who experience it. Symptoms of [...]

1003, 2023

I’m Going Bald. Will Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Work for Me?

I'm Going Bald. What Can I Really Do About It? For a variety of reasons some men and women find they are not suitable for a surgical hair transplant. There are others that are simply not willing to do the surgical route. There is an alternative that is very popular worldwide. It doesn’t matter if your hair loss is mild or in an advanced [...]

2202, 2023

How Can I Stop My Hair From Falling Out?

Hair Loss: What Can You Do to Stop It? Many men that we see at our Fort Lauderdale hair restoration studio come to us after having waited until they have seen significant signs of hair loss and thinning hair before doing anything about it, but there are things that you can do to help keep your hair longer or even stop hair loss. Many [...]

1002, 2023

Women’s Wigs: Human Hair or Synthetic. Which is Better?

Women's Wigs: Human Hair or Synthetic. Which is Better? When it comes to women's wigs in Fort Lauderdale, there are multiple choices to consider. The most prominent decision you will have to make is whether to purchase a 100% natural human hair wig or to opt for a woman's wig made from synthetic fibers rather than human hair. When you need or want to [...]

901, 2023

The Facts About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement - Fort Lauderdale, Florida If you are a man who is experiencing hair loss and looking for a solution, men's non-surgical hair restoration could be your answer. It can give you the hair you used to have or the head of hair you’ve always dreamed about. Before deciding to try hair restoration, though, it’s important to do your research. [...]

2912, 2022

Is Hair Restoration the Same as Hair Replacement?

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration in Fort Lauderdale There are literally dozens upon dozens of hair loss treatment options for men and women looking to combat the appearance of male pattern baldness and female pattern thinning, ranging from topical over the counter medications to surgical hair restoration to non-surgical hair replacement, wigs, and hair extensions. Each hair loss solution boasts its own unique set of benefits [...]

2812, 2022

Hair Restoration vs. Hair Replacement – Which is Right for You?

Hair loss is hard to accept for men and women alike. Balding and thinning hair, regardless of cause, more often than not contributes to high levels of self-doubt, anxiety, and depression in those affected by it. It invariably causes men and women, regardless of age, to feel "less than normal," less secure, and less attractive. Many men and women in their search for a [...]

1312, 2022

What is Trichotillomania? Hair Pulling Disorder

What is Trichotillomania? Hair Pulling Disorder Most people will fiddle with their hair, sometimes pulling out a gray strand or one with a split end. That behavior certainly falls into the normal realm. However, compulsively pulling out your hair and leaving bald spots on your scalp or gaps in your eyebrows and eyelashes is a mental condition that falls under compulsive/obsessive disorder. Called trichotillomania, [...]