mens hair restoration fort lauderdale floridaHair loss is hard to accept for men and women alike. Balding and thinning hair, regardless of cause, more often than not contributes to high levels of self-doubt, anxiety, and depression in those affected by it. It invariably causes men and women, regardless of age, to feel “less than normal,” less secure, and less attractive. Many men and women in their search for a hair loss cure and a hair regrowth treatment that actually works have spent a small fortune on over-the-counter treatments and medications that have done little or nothing to solve their hair loss problem, leaving them more depressed than ever.

Hair Transplants vs Hair Replacement

While hair transplant surgery offers the valid promise of hair regrowth and hair restoration, it does not offer any increase in overall hair density since it is essentially moving hair from one area of the head to another, not actually creating new hair growth. Non-surgical hair replacement, which is totally non-invasive, offers an overall increase in hair density, length, and styling options. Non-surgical hair replacement can be performed in a single afternoon or gradually over a period of weeks, depending on the client’s wishes.

FDA Approved Laser Hair Therapy

For individuals just beginning to see their hair thinning and want to stop it from thinning even more, one of the most promising treatment options is Laser hair rejuvenation therapy or LLLT: low level laser hair therapy. Laser hair loss treatment is actually FDA approved to treat androgenetic alopecia, or hereditary, genetic hair loss in men and women, regardless of hair type.  Laser hair therapy has a much lower success rate among those individuals who have more advanced hair loss.

What is Laser Hair Restoration Therapy?

Laser Hair Therapy works by irradiating photons into your scalp where they are absorbed by weakened cells. This process stimulates circulation and prods your hair follicles to produce new growth. This hair therapy is also known as cold laser therapy or red-light therapy and is a non-invasive way to combat thinning hair. The treatment is painless and tends to strengthen the hair you still have.

Although you can purchase laser hair treatment devices for yourself, experts advise seeking professional treatment, which may need to take place several times a week, at least at first. After the initial treatments, you’ll probably need to have maintenance sessions for the rest of your life, otherwise your hair will begin to thin once more.

The treatment does come with some negatives. It is often expensive and can interact with certain medications. Laser hair therapy does not produce results for everyone. Also, more long-term studies need to be done to affirm its safety.

Which Hair Restoration Option Should You Choose?

Among the three options, hair transplant surgery may be an option for older individuals where the progression of hair loss has stabilized, and successful outcomes can be predicted with greater accuracy. Hair transplants are not recommended for younger individuals since there is no foolproof way to determine how their progression of hair loss will resolve by late middle age or later in life.

Hair loss occurs in both men and women, often beginning in their late teens or early twenties. Non-surgical hair replacement, sometimes referred to as hair patches, can providing amazing results and help such individuals feel confident in their hair, their appearance, and their lives.

The effectiveness of topical hair loss treatments such as minoxidil or low-level laser hair therapy vary widely from person to person. Before spending your hard-earned wages on a particular course of treatment, we encourage you to consult with a professional hair restoration specialist who can go over the various treatment options available, answer your specific questions, help you understand the pluses and minuses of the various hair restoration options before you, and help you choose the most appropriate hair restoration plan for your specific needs, lifestyle, and desires.

Fort Lauderdale Hair Restoration Specialists

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