Men's Hair Styles & men's hair restoration - Fort Lauderdale FloridaWhen it comes to the best in undetectable men’s hair restoration in Fort Lauderdale, restoring a great looking head of hair can make a guy feel confident and secure within himself. This is something that exudes from you and is noticeable to everyone who you come into contact with every day.

If you don’t feel that you’re as confident in your appearance as you want to be, consider changing up your look to create a more modern, updated version of yourself. The guide that follows walks you through a few men’s hair styles with the hip hairstyle trends that may be right for you. This can be especially beneficial for men with thinning hair.

Side-Part Pompadour

A pompadour is a hairstyle where men typically have hair that’s roughly two to three inches long on the top of their head and very short on the sides and back of their head. The pompadour is created by leaning forward and backcombing the hair so that it has more volume to it. The hair at the front of the head is then smoothed over the mound that was created when backcombing and secured with hairspray or mousse. The updated version of this style is to part the hair over to the side and then to back of the head. This draws the eye to the top of your head and can make your face look longer and slimmer.

Spiky Hair Fade

The traditional fade involves the sides and back of the head being shaved very close to the scalp. The sides and back then become longer and longer just above the ears as they fade into the longer hair at the top of the head. The new trend has the hair on the top of the head being roughly an inch and a half to two inches in length and spiked up to the sky using gel, mousse, or pomade.

Crew Cut with Bare Sides

The crew cut is another classic style that many men like. The crew cut has the sides and back of the head cut very short, while the top is slightly longer with a tuft of hair left longer in the front near the face. The tuft can be worn down onto the forehead, backcombed to create a small pompadour, or spiked to create a dramatic look just at the front of the head. An updated version of this look is to have the sides and back of the head shaved completely bare, down to the skin.

Men’s Hair Restoration Specialists Fort Lauderdale

Guys, if you want to try men’s hair styles that may fit your personality better but you’re suffering from hair loss, Transitions of South Florida has solutions that will give you the full, natural head of hair you have always wanted. Contact us today to schedule a free, private consultation. You would be amazed how just how much you have to gain!


Further Information: Early signs of men’s hair loss

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