Virtual Reality Custom Hair Replacement for Men


Virtual Reality hair replacement men miami fort lauderdale florida

Virtual Reality Men’s Hair Replacement Fort Lauderdale

Great hair starts with a great hair restoration system. That is why Virtual Reality men’s hair replacement systems only uses the finest 100% natural human hair. If you are a man with an active lifestyle, or like to swim, shower, ski, sweat, and play high-impact sports without anyone knowing your secret, they this is the hair system for you.

Because a Virtual Reality men’s hair replacement system is crafted with 100% natural human hair, Virtual Reality is so much like your own natural growing hair, that you will forget you ever had a hair loss problem. You will have a restored full head of hair in the style you want thanks to our highly skilled team of hair restoration professionals.

Virtual Reality Men's Hair Replacement Fort Lauderdale Miami florida
Ft Lauderdale Virtual Reality Men's Hair Replacement Miami Hollywood FL

100% Natural Human Hair

Great hair starts with great men’s hair replacement. That is why Virtual Reality hair replacement systems are made exclusively with 100% natural human hair. If you are a man who leads an active lifestyle and enjoys surfing, high-impact sports, parkour or freerunning, and you want a hair loss solution that will be totally undetectable, maintenance free, and so invisible that even your significant other can’t tell you are wearing hair, then Virtual Reality men’s custom hair replacement may be just the hair loss solution you are looking for.

Many of our Virtual Reality clients have told us that it is so natural, so maintenance-free, and so much like their own natural growing hair that they have basically forgotten that they even have a men’s hair loss problem.

mens hair loss restoration fort lauderdale floridaThe Finest Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

With Virtual Reality Hair Replacement for men, the difference is in the details. The secret of the Virtual Reality Men’s Hair Replacement technology lies in its proprietary “Dermal Lens” base. The Virtual Reality base is a thin, flexible, second skin like surface created with natural hair growth patterns using 100% natural human hair that is perfectly matched to your own growing hair. It is literally undetectable to the human touch. And there is essentially no home maintenance other than washing, conditioning and normal styling, just like your own natural growing hair.

Virtual Reality Men’s Hair Replacement duplicates your own natural growing hair. It can match your hair color, texture, and style. Your hair can be thick, thin, curly, straight, light, dark, whatever. The density and patterns look right for you. With Virtual Reality non-surgical hair replacement, there are:

  • No uncomfortable bumps or ridges with the exclusive VR DermaLens base
  • No worries when it comes to wind, rain, or bright overhead lighting
  • No worrying about always having to check your hair to make sure that bald spot isn’t showing again
  • Complete styling freedom… conservative, trendy, long, short, color, texture: 100% natural human hair
  • Virtually no daily maintenance
  • Nationwide support wherever you may travel: a VR-affiliated hair restoration center is there to assist you
  • 100% Euro Texture human hair for a totally natural look and feel.

Virtual Reality has been featured on national TV and media and on local Miami and Fort Lauderdale area television. It is the choice of athletes, stars, and Hollywood directors and stylists.

Virtual Reality Men’s Hair Replacement Fort Lauderdale

In the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach areas, Virtual Reality Hair Replacement is the hair replacement men want. And it is available exclusively at Transitions Hair Solutions of South Florida. For over 40 years, Transitions has been recognized as one of Florida’s leading hair replacement studios, offering clients professional hair restoration services for all forms of hair loss, including androgenic alopecia (genetic hair thinning and hair loss), hair loss related to medical treatments, trichotillomania, and other forms of hair loss for clients of all ages, ethnicities and hair types.

At Transitions in Fort Lauderdale, we work one-on-one with each of our clients to determine the proper and most effective hair loss treatment option for their particular type and degree of hair loss. We encourage you to contact us today and schedule a private, no-obligation consultation with a Transitions hair restoration professional and see which hair loss solution may be right for you.

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