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Female Hair Loss Causes

There are a wide variety of reasons for hair loss in women. It can occur at any age and affects women of all hair types. Similarly, hair loss can also occur anywhere on the body, although it is primarily noticeable when it occurs on the scalp.  The most common cause of female hair loss is hereditary hair loss or androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss affects up to 25% of all women by age 50 in the USA alone. 

Other factors affecting hair loss in women may include extremes in diet, various medical treatments, chemotherapy or radiation treatment, and extreme stress on the central nervous system such as may occur with childbirth or as an after effect of Covid-19 recovery. A variety of scalp conditions may also contribute to thinning hair and forms of scarring alopecia.

Hair Loss Solutions for Women

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Transitions Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Women

Many women, looking for the best way to solve their thinning hair problem, choose Transitions custom non-surgical hair replacement. Utilizing the very latest in European hair replacement technology, Transitions hair replacement for women provides phenomenal length, fulness and movement that women want while at the same time providing a completely natural, healthy look and feel that integrates perfectly with their existing hair.